Computer Expertise

Your computers and your computer network are the heart and soul of your business. Based in Bangor, Maine, Canyon Networks is a reliable and responsive source for expert computer repair, networking, virus protection, security, and technology consulting.

Aerospace Consulting

The Owners of Canyon Networks sharpened their technology skills while working within the Aerospace Industry.  Since the founding of Canyon Networks we have worked extensively with Aerospace companies around the United States and Canada to provide traditional Information Technology support as well as industry specific consultation.

We will provide you with experience based assistance on virtually any Aerospace Industry Technology challenge.  It is our extensive experience in the industry that sets us apart from most of our competition.

Several of our customers have come to us seeking assistance with Aviation software research, selection, migration, and training because we have experience with most Aerospace specific software packages and because we are partners with Pentagon 2000 Software.

When you are in need of technology related Aerospace Consulting, please contact us for more information.

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