We hear it all the time "I just want our computers to work." If your office computers aren't working like they should, let's talk! It's quick and easy to ask a question and we'll be prompt in getting back to you.

Hosted Services

How many time have you heard "emails down again" or "do you have a backup?"

At Canyon Networks we don't want you to hear these things, so we have put together dependable and secure options for our customers.  Whether you currently have your own email and backup servers or if you are just looking for options, we have very affordable and secure solutions for you.  Hosted Services have become the most efficient and economical way for small businesses to meet their technology needs.  You will be amazed at how reliable these services are.  Why not contact us and stop worrying about the email going down and feel secure that your data is safe and sound.


Managing your organizations e-mail can be a very daunting task. Whether your spending your time setting up new mail boxes, managing your users, applying patches and updates, managing virus protection, or just maintaining your exchange server; you are very likely spending more time then you would like on managing e-mail. With Canyon Networks E-Mail hosting you will have more time to spend on running your business and you will save money.

Off-Site Backup

If your business relies on computers and computer data, then off-site backup is a must.  There's nothing more costly than lost client data and store work files.  Protect yourself, your clients, and your business with Canyon Networks secure backup services.


Canyon Networks delivers a unique approach to traditional help desk solutions by providing integration directly with us! This allows your own internal resources to better manage their own work, and get critical backup whenever they need it, without hiring any more personnel.